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The key to success in today's global economy is targeted Girdwood SEO exposure. That means knowing your customers almost as well as you know yourself. While that kind of market research is the job of a highly skilled internet marketing specialist, there are a few qualities that all consumers share in today's technologically-geared world. 80% of cell phone users search the web from their device to find local businesses. More importantly, 70% of those users take action within 1 hour! That means that you can make a sale every time someone searches for your type of business in your area – if you're on the top of the list. Get there with proven Girdwood SEO.

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Most people, and even some so-called Girdwood SEO experts, don't fully understand Girdwood Search Engine Optimization. It's not about spamming the internet with poor quality articles or "tricking" the search engines with high PR links. It's about following Google's website quality guidelines and creating a web presence that will convince potential customers that you're their best option. We take a mathematical approach to link building and content optimization that enables us to create a backlink profile that will rocket your website or Google Places listing to the top and stay there for the long haul. Girdwood Search Engine Optimization that will stand the test of time

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Of course, no amount of Girdwood SEO is going to guarantee sales. Just because your Girdwood website is at the top of the search results doesn't mean it looks credible and professional enough to be trusted by scrutinizing potential customers. Our Girdwood website designers know the psychology behind an internet sale. They know what potential customers look for – generally at a subconscious level – when deciding whether they'll make a purchase from your Girdwood website or whether they'd be better off moving to the next website. Our team of highly trained professionals can help your lower your bounce rate, increase conversions exponentially, and finally achieve the level of success you've always dreamed of. Proven conversions with top notch Girdwood Website Design.

About Girdwood, AK

Girdwood, Alaska is located in Anchorage County and has a population of 1,817 people. In 1900, a linen merchant and an Irish immigrant named James Girdwood staked out five gold claims near Crow Creek. It wasn't long before many other claims were staked in the drainages of Virgin and California Creek. A supply camp was established at the Valley's mouth. Mr. Girdwood became the namesake of the settlement, although it was initially known as Glacier City. Located below the claims that Mr. Girdwood had staked an approximately five miles from the settlement, another mine on Crow Creek was discovered. From 1906 until 1924, the settlement was operated by the Crow Creek Mining Company. After that, the settlement was bought by a man named Arne Erickson. The Toohey still operates this mine and has become a popular attraction for tourists and locals who want to try panning for gold.

In 1915, the Federal Government started the construction of a railroad which helped the development of Girdwood, although the community was established as a mining community. There were many new businesses in the small community. The population of Girdwood was approximately 60 permanent residents in 1917. However, there were approximately 300 visitors from Anchorage on the weekends. There were 16 buildings on Main Street in Girdwood.

In the 1930's, the mines ceased operations. Up until the construction started on the Seward highway that connected Anchorage to the seaport of Seward in 1949, Girdwood was a ghost town. In 1959, a small lodge was opened. In 1958, Girdwood was a third class city. However, in 1970, in the Borough of Anchorage, Girdwood was a first class city. In 1975, with unification, Girdwood eventually became a portion of the Municipality of Anchorage.

In 1964, an earthquake resulted in Girdwood subsiding below the line for high tide of the Turnagain Arm. Subsequently the community was relocated two and a half miles up the Valley to its current location. The first day lodge and chairlift was constructed in 1960. Girdwood now also has a 30,000 square foot facility that includes a skiers' cafeteria at the top of the tram as well as a fine dining restaurant and luxury hotel that contains 308 rooms.

Girdwood has also gained a reputation a training ground for World Cup and Olympic skiers, including snowboarder Rosey Fletcher, Silver Medalists Megan Gerety, Hillary Lindh, and Gold medalist Tommy Moe. Girdwood now has a population of almost 2,000 people, is becoming a four season resort, and is a thriving resort community. Girdwood is becoming a popular base for Heli-skiing and an 18 hole Championship Golf Course is in the planning stages. An expansion of the ski area into the Winner Creek basin is being planned. Girdwood is the ideal location for wildlife watching of sheep, eagles, and whales next to the Turnagain Arm, rafting wild rivers, fishing on the Kenai Peninsula, and the ideal base camp for exploring Prince William Sound in the summertime.

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